Chicago virus removal:

     If you are looking for a reliable computer virus and spyware removal service, look no further.
We provide our customers with a fast and reliable virus cleanup service for homes and businesses in the chicago area. We remove viruses and spyware from all desktops and laptops including Dell, HP, IBM, emachines, Acer, Gateway, Alienware, and Gateway machines.
If your computer repair requires a long time to clean up, we will pick it up and drop it off when it is repaired. In-store and onsite rates are the same. We do not charge for travel time and we do not charge anything extra for coming to you. Why choose us?
1- We can come to you at not extra cost.
2- Friendly service
3- We fix your computer on the spot. If your computer requires more time or we can not fix on the spot We offer
4- Free pick up and drop-off at no extra cost

     We handle all sorts of computer issues including hard drive crashes, upgrades, slow computers, virus and spyware removal, laptop LCD screen problems, laptop power issues, data backup and recovery and Internet connection issues.

Chicago Virus Removal:

Trojan virus removal
Macro virus removal
Boot sector virus removal
Stealth virus removal
Worms / Conflicker

Chicago Spyware Removal:

Spyware removal
Malware removal
Adware removal
Blue screen removal