Steps to Owning a Healthy Garden

Diseased plants ruin the entire garden. If you wish to grow a healthy, good-looking garden, you need to know how to spot a sick plant as well as how to keep the plants you own healthy.

Even planting a single sick plant in your garden will allow the disease to spread throughout the whole thing. Within a couple of weeks, all you’re left with is a garden of death!

Read my steps to owning a healthy garden if you want to avoid a diseased garden!

Carefully Examine New Plants

Prevention is always better than cure. If you can keep disease away from your garden, then you’ll have far less trouble in the long run. There are a few things to look out for when buying a plant.

If the plant has any sign of death on the stem or roots, don’t buy it. Even if the entire plant looks healthy while a small portion looks sickly or dead, there’s a high chance that plant is carrying a disease that will spread to the rest of your garden.

Pay close attention to the plant’s roots. Try to move some dirt away from the plant and expose a small portion of the root. Be careful that you don’t shake the whole plant loose while doing this or you might accidentally kill it yourself.

If the roots are firm and vibrant, then you’ve found a healthy plant. Never buy a plant that was dark or mushy roots as it won’t live long and will probably kill your healthy plants too.

Take Care with Your Fertilizers

Compost is an easy enough task as long as you use purely natural compost materials. (None of that processed crap) Fertilizers are a different matter. The purpose of laying down fertilizer is to provide nutrients to your plants. The difficulty with this is that you need to account for giving both too little and too much of each nutrient.

If a plant gets too much of a certain nutrient, it may damage the roots of the plant, stopping it from absorbing water correctly. On the other hand, too little of a nutrient will also weaken the root making it easy for it to break.

I would recommend having your soil tested regularly to make sure you’re providing the correct amount of nutrients at any given time.

Utilize Home Health Care Services

If you feel that you’re unable to take care of your garden in your current condition you should consider hiring a home health care service. Home health care services are there to help you recover from whatever difficulty you have as well as to teach you how to look after yourself and your home efficiently.

Gardening for senior citizens can be especially energy taxing. If you still want a garden in your old age, a health care professional is sure to help you out with that along with any other duties required of them.

If you feel that you would benefit from a health care professional, consult with your doctor today!

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